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the hindu newspaper

The Hindu Newspaper

the hindu newspaper

The Hindu Newspaper is among those Indian papers of record and also the 2nd most circulated English-language paper in India, following The Times of India. The Hindu had an all-India complete readership of 62,26,000 from the IRS 2019 Q1 in comparison with the entire readership of 53,00,000 at IRS 2017up 17 percent. Concerning average issue readership, it increased its numbers from 15,68,000 to 16,35,000up 4.27 percent.

The paper and other books in The Hindu Group have been Owned by a family-held firm, Kasturi and Sons Ltd… The paper employed Over 1,600 employees and yearly turnover reached nearly $200 million based To data in 2010. The majority of the revenue comes from subscription and advertising. The Hindu became, in 1995, the first Indian paper to offer an internet edition.

The Hindu Newspaper Cover

  • Firstly, National news like government statements not political, policies, initiatives,
  • Secondly, International news like treaties, agreements, disputes, but no accidents, deaths.
  • Thirdly, Economy news with special stress to technical terms.
  • Moreover, Science and technology papers with real-life applications from the UPSC point of view.
  • And, Environment and biodiversity news from the UPSC point of view.


  1. […] The Hindu Chennai is an English Newspaper in India. It is the second-largest newspaper circulated in India. The Hindu was founded in Madras. In the beginning, it was a weekly paper, and in 1995 the Hindu became the first Indian Newspaper which was published online. The Hindu is Daily Newspaper. It’s headquartered is situated in Chennai. G. Subramania Iyer founded it on 20 September 1878. Now The Hindu Group and Kasturi and Sons Limited run the whole Business of The Hindu Newspaper. Publisher of the Hindu newspaper is N. Ram. This Newspaper available in English and the Tamil language. […]


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